Engagement Ring Style For Spring Proposals

6 Engagement Ring Styles Ideal For A Spring Proposal


As spring arrives, embrace the spirit of new beginnings with our curated selection of six stunning engagement ring styles. From classic elegance to modern sophistication, each design promises to capture hearts and evoke dreams of forever.

Handcrafted with ethical lab-created diamonds, these rings are perfect for your spring proposal, so with no further ado, here are five we’ve picked for you:


oval cut engagement ring with hidden halo


1. Oval Cut Engagement Ring with Hidden Halo 

The oval cut engagement ring with hidden halo is a treasure trove of elegance. Its elongated shape flatters the finger, while the hidden halo adds a whisper of brilliance, much like the first dewdrops of spring. Embrace a classic oval solitaire ring with a sophisticated touch underneath.

pavé pear shaped engagement ring

2. Pavé Pear Shaped Engagement Ring

A pavé pear shaped engagement ring is the epitome of sophistication. The teardrop silhouette, reminiscent of spring’s gentle rain, is enhanced by the pavé setting that scintillates with every move. This ring’s allure lies in its dance with light, promising to be a beacon of your love’s eternal sparkle.

emerald engagement ring

3. Emerald Engagement Ring

An emerald engagement ring is a bold choice that reflects the verdant hues of spring. The deep green gemstone, symbolic of growth and harmony, makes for a timeless and luxurious statement. It’s a symbol of love as deep and enduring as the unique connection with your significant other!


large round bezel engagement ring

4. Large Round Bezel Engagement Ring

The large round bezel engagement ring offers a modern twist on a classic design. The bezel setting secures the diamond like a surrounding wall in a sleek embrace, reflecting the simplicity and purity of spring’s fresh start.


Like a circle, it represents unending love, a perfect emblem for a lifetime of shared seasons.


emerald-cut & pear diamond toi et moi ring

5. Emerald-Cut & Pear Diamond Toi et Moi Ring

The emerald-cut & pear diamond toi et moi ring represents two souls coming together as one.

This style, with its juxtaposition of shapes, captures the harmonious blend of individuality and unity, ideal for a spring proposal.

In its union of two distinct cuts, this ring mirrors the perfect alignment of two hearts ready to beat as one.

marquise & pear cluster engagement ring


6. Marquise & Pear Cluster Engagement Ring

Spring Proposal Magic: Imagine slipping this ring onto your beloved’s finger amidst blooming flowers and birdsong.

The marquise and pear cluster engagement ring whispers promises of shared dreams, laughter, and sun-kissed days.

The marquise represents a boat sailing toward a shared horizon—a promise of adventure and companionship.

The pear shape, reminiscent of a teardrop, symbolizes emotional depth and vulnerability. Together, they create a poetic narrative.

Custom Three-Stone Engagement Ring Rendering


7. Design Your Own Engagement Ring

Designing your own engagement ring is a deeply personal and rewarding experience, allowing you to create a symbol of love and commitment that reflects your unique style and story. 

From selecting the perfect center stone to choosing the metal and intricate details, every aspect of the design process is a journey of exploration and creativity. 

Whether you prefer a classic solitaire or a more elaborate and original idea, designing your own engagement ring allows you to bring your bespoke vision to life and create a truly one-of-a-kind piece that will be cherished for a lifetime.


Each engagement ring style we've explored embodies a unique narrative of love and commitment.

Consider the significance and beauty they offer as you embark on this exciting journey.

For those seeking a truly distinctive symbol, our custom options await. Let the spirit of spring inspire your choice, ensuring your proposal is as unforgettable as your love!




* Digital imagery for article cover and #7 Custom 3-Stone Ring courtesy of Sarkissian Luxury Studio NYC


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