There are many ways to measure your ring size. The best and most accurate way is to stop at a jewelry store, ask to have your ring/finger measured, say thank you, be appreciative, leave, get yourself a coffee, then come right back to our online store

But, if you don’t want to leave your house, make yourself a coffee at home and read on. 

Method 1 - The German Way
What you’ll need: One of your current rings, a ruler, and a calculator.

Step 1. Get your ring out and lay it flat on the table. Using your ruler, measure (in millimeters) the inside diameter. In other words, measure across the middle of the ring from the inside of one side to the inside of the other side.

Step 2. Math time! Multiply your measured inside diameter by 3.14. The result of all your hard math work is your ring size. Check out our conversion table to see your ring size in your country. Here’s an example: If your ring’s inside diameter measures 18mm and you multiply that by 3.14, your ring size is 56.52mm or size 8.

Method 2 - The String Way. What you’ll need: Yarn, scissors, a ruler, and perhaps a friend.

Step 1. Have your friend wrap a piece of yard around your ring finger’s second knuckle (the middle one) since this is typically the thickest part of your finger. 

Step 2. Have your friend cut the yarn based on your knuckle size (where both yarn parts overlap).

Step 3. Measure the yarn with a ruler and voila, that’s your ring size. Check out our conversion table to see your ring size in your country.

Method 3 - The Hole Method
What you’ll need: A printer and scissors.

Step 1.
Print out our ring sizer pdf (at 100%, letter size).

Step 2. Fold the paper based on the indicated line and cut out the hole for each ring size (you don’t need to cut them all unless you enjoy the meditative exercise). 

Step 3. Try it on! When you find the one that fits, the number below it is your size. Check out our conversion table below to see your ring size in your country.

Et voila, here you have it – different ways to measure your ring size,