Our mission is simple: to create a world where the value of a diamond is about where it comes from and what it stands for.

We want to change how people view diamonds—to raise the profile of human-made and socially-driven, quality gemstones.
Proud diamonds are pure, real and rare. Made for people who care.

Our partnership directly reflects our friendship— based on taking meaningful action and full of fun. After working on several high-end luxury travel projects at Airbnb, where Virginie was a Lead Producer, and Julia was an Art Director, we wanted to continue working together. Aside from the seven-thousand unread emails flashing on Virginie's laptop or having way too many tabs open (which is Julia's nightmare), they both jumped at the opportunity to collaborate on this new venture and have more fun.

“I remember it like it was yesterday: my mom's friends admiring diamond jewelry around the kitchen counter. It was my grandfather's business. He would carry around a special suitcase with a giant padlock the size of my head. It's an amusing memory.

Although diamonds have always been a part of my life and family, I never felt close to them. Mainly because of terrible mining. But now, as I think about my family history, technology has offered me a new way of doing things in the diamond industry. I want to make humanity the center of the Proud Diamond fam.”

— Virginie

“After becoming a mom and spending hours researching reusable diapers (Did you know it takes one diaper 500 years to decompose!), I became more aware of how much harm people do to the environment—even though we don't have to.

So when the chance came to work with Virginie on a socially-minded product involving sustainably made diamonds, I jumped at the opportunity to start making a difference.”

— Julia

Don't worry. Just ask!

We love questions. We ask plenty ourselves. If there is something you're curious about, please get in touch with us anytime. Email us at hello@prouddiamond.com or call us +1 (514) 442 6058