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A story of luxury at its kindest.

Welcome to Proud Diamond.

Say hi to Virginie! Like most cool stories, hers started decades ago with her grandpa, Marcel Dumontet, a Manufacturer Sales Agent in the gold and diamond industry since 1963. Growing up under his wing (and hanging onto every word), Virginie was embedded in the diamond business from an early age - learning firsthand of its impact and importance. The natural step to follow his lead happened 30 years later with the (proud) birth of Proud Diamond.

But Virginie took a few turns along the way. Namely, as a TV journalist then an award-winning Senior producer for Airbnb and SidLee – one of the world’s most innovative creative ad agencies.

More recently, Virginie was one of three entrepreneurs selected for a special feature in “New Generation” the HEC Mag (Spring 2022). She also won first Prize for Proud Diamond in the District E-commerce Competition organized by PME-Mtl.

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Our story

In the world of diamonds, clarity isn't just about the stones; it's about the journey. At Proud Diamond, we've reimagined this voyage to be transparent in every facet, delightfully joyful, and beautifully effortless. Because the sparkle of a diamond should begin long before you wear it.

When Proud Diamond was created, the vision was clear: to create a world where the brilliance of the journey matched the shine of the stone. Our commitment to transparency, joy, and ease isn't just our story—it's our promise to you.

Every diamond we present has a journey, one of precise craftsmanship and conscientious choices. Cultivated in the world's most advanced laboratories, our diamonds are meticulously cut, polished, and graded, then set into handcrafted jewelry made of recycled gold. Here, our narrative meets its crescendo, setting the stage for yours. That’s where our story ends and yours begins.

Celebrate the beauty of conscientious choices.

With love, Proud Diamond

"Here, every diamond and every jewel created carries a legacy of care and craftsmanship. Your story deserves nothing less."


  • Transparent.

    At Proud Diamond, transparency isn't just a value; it's woven into our DNA. Our GIA-certified experts provide genuine and clear guidance at every step. We don't merely sell diamonds; we partner with you on your journey, ensuring open communication and authentic interactions. Dive into a diamond shopping experience where clarity extends beyond the gem to the very heart of our service.

  • Fun.

    We believe diamond shopping should be as exhilarating as the moments they commemorate. We've transformed the traditional jewelry shopping experience, making it lively, accessible, and joyful. With us, you're not just selecting a gem; you're indulging in a delightful journey where every step is designed to make you smile.

  • Stress-free.

    Choosing a diamond with Proud Diamond is a serene experience. Our GIA-certified team guides you with patience and expertise, ensuring a smooth and effortless journey from consultation to crafting. With us, the complexities of diamond shopping melt away, replaced by confidence, comfort, and the joy of finding the perfect piece without a hint of pressure.

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