our sustainability efforts

Unconditionally, un-mined.
Lab and love grown diamonds and stones.

Our diamonds and stones.

Our diamonds and stones are 100% real, 100% pure carbon and 100% lab & love grown. Zero-conflict, zero-mining. All accessibly stunning.

Grown in the most high-tech laboratories in the world, Proud Diamond stones are cut, polished, graded and set on recycled gold jewelry and always handmade in Montreal.

Mined diamonds (Aka: blood diamonds) are the diamonds of the past. We’re much more interested in a kinder and more sustainable practice and future.

Happily handmade.

At Proud Diamond, sustainability is at the heart of our craft. Each piece of our jewelry is a testament to both artistry and responsibility, meticulously handcrafted in the heart of Montreal, Canada. By consciously choosing to eschew machines, we rely on skilled artisans who pour their passion and expertise into every design. This not only embodies our core values of transparency, joy, and a stress-free experience but also speaks to our unwavering commitment to eco-conscious craftsmanship. Beyond just creating beautiful jewelry, we're passionate about crafting legacies that are kind to our planet, ensuring that every piece is designed to be cherished today and for generations to come, with minimal environmental impact.

Recycled solid gold.

Commitment to our planet shines brightly in every piece we craft. At the heart of our creations is recycled gold, a testament to both luxury and sustainability. Our lab-nurtured diamonds, grown with love and precision, are meticulously set upon this reclaimed gold, resulting in pieces that are not only of superb quality but also eco-friendly. This dedication to using recycled materials is central to our ethos at Proud Diamond, where style meets conscientious craftsmanship in every design.

Sustainable packaging.

Making a big impact with your piece with little impact on the planet, is what our storage is all about. Stash your special things safely and neatly in a high-end but sustainable paper box or a use-forever case.

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