Where Art and Diamonds Meet

Where Art and Diamonds Meet

Art has always been at the intersection of innovation and storytelling— fearlessly telling the tale of a point in time, a people, or a place in new ways. The value of a piece of art, in a way, comes from its connection to the human experience.

Elisabetta Fantone Cohen in her art studio, sitting


New techniques, materials, styles, and how rare the artwork is each add value in their way, but what draws someone in and makes a painting or photograph iconic goes beyond its material composition.

It has to mean something to the viewer. As the expression goes, "beauty is in the eyes of the beholder." 

An artist is a storyteller.

Instead of using words, they use visuals: brushstrokes and light; shapes, images, and abstraction. Scenes and subjects. They use whatever is available to them to expose some new truth or take someone on a journey of discovery. 

Artists and art, in general, speak in a language of delight, surprise, shock, exposure, reflection, and temptation. It's a mirror that allows the onlooker to see themselves in the reality of the story. It helps them feel and hopefully grow—perhaps more connected to their fellow (wo)man or the world around them. It's a language of change and power. 

That's why we feel such a deep connection with art. And why we are excited to work with artists as a company.

We believe that, like art, we have an opportunity
to tell an important story.

We get to talk about the harms of the past and introduce people to a better future for diamonds. The process of making a diamond is a craft, and our story reflects a new generation of people and their values. We are telling a story that is human, real, and beautiful. Through artists, their work, and the voices they've developed, we'll bring you along as we break down the harms of the past and work toward a more humane and proud tomorrow.

Elisabetta Fantone, Artist

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